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I grew up just north of San Francisco, and played football for 12 years. I always knew I wanted to get into coaching. I love the endless strategic possibilities of American football – no game is more intricate. I watched football whenever I could growing up, and it didn’t matter if it was a classic game from the 1960s, or NFL, or college, or high school – I loved watching the different styles and the passion with which the game is played. It always intrigued me how the college teams from the Midwest were big and strong and tried to beat up the opposition, the Southeast teams were fast and played great defense, and the West Coast teams always seemed play loose and air it out and put a ton of points on the board. Those are stereotypes, but it often does seem that culture bleeds into the game. And I love how a big and strong team can win by beating you up, but a small and quick team can just as easily win with smarts and speed. With endless strategic possibilities comes endless ways to find success. You can be big or small in football; the most important attribute is being tough. Football takes hard work, but it is hard to beat the satisfaction of putting in that work with a group of friends towards a common goal. I enjoy that camaraderie, and I think the team atmosphere on the Monarchs is what makes it a great experience for the players.

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